image4Outsourcing to realize direct cost reductions is undeniably attractive, but there are also longer-term cost savings you can achieve. Andre’s Auto Solutions helps you analyze the overall budget impact by reviewing both direct and indirect maintenance cost savings over your three to five year plan.

Fleet management and maintenance are not your core business functions – they’re ours. Andre’s Auto Solutions help you realize the direct benefits of outsourcing your fleet.

At Andre’s Auto Solutions, we understand delivering goods and services safely, efficiently, and on time is at the heart of your business. Your fleet efficiency, facilitated by our certified technicians, is defined and guaranteed through our performance-based contracts. That means our maintenance services are based on your requirements—not tied to an inflexible leasing agreement.

We provide maintenance on most of the vehicle- from pickups and trucks to sedans. No more “lost time” sending your special equipment out to different local dealers or chasing parts orders at various equipment distributors. Our total fleet management and maintenance program allows you to have all of your fleet services performed by a single source supplier. For further information on our Fleet Management service please contact us.